Since opening in 2009, we’ve made it our mission to consistently source only the highest quality ingredients for our “everything from scratch” kitchen. But while our house-made sauces and seasonally grown toppings certainly play an important role in who we are, we know that at the center of every great burger is great beef.

Due to their commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices, they proudly offer their limited stock to only a select number of restaurants, including Max Burger. By taking large-scale meat processing plants out of the equation, Brandt Beef reduces the risk of the harmful contamination responsible for many recalls. 

Although that makes things costlier for us, we at Max Restaurant Group understand that you can’t be the best if you don’t serve the best. Max Burger is proud to serve Brandt Beef, the one true natural, in both its West Hartford, CT and Longmeadow, MA locations.